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All Wildlife Control originated on the belief of a need for Integrity in the Wildlife Control business, and our stated goal to SAVE as many Animals as possible. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, and the continuing education of the latest technologies; we are in the unique position of being able to provide the most Humane Animal Removal as well as providing the Best Full Service Wildlife Removal and Exclusion Program in the State of Georgia. 

All Wildlife Control provides Commercial and Residential animal control and removal services in Atlanta, and all surrounding communities. Licensed and insured, we specialize in permanently removing and sealing up homes against Rats, Flying Squirrels, Gray Squirrels, Bats, Birds, Raccoons and Snakes. We provide exclusion and repair services to eliminate the ability for nuisance wildlife to enter homes or commercial buildings. Once the property is sealed, we follow-up with a trapping program to remove any animals still in the building as humanely as possible. We also offer partial or full cleanup process including insulation replacement, decontamination and deodorizing procedure.

A wildlife problem in your home can cause serious problems other than just keeping you awake at night. These critters can chew electrical wires and cause fires, they can chew water pipes and cause floods, they also can damage just about anything they can get their teeth on. Squirrels and rats can chew through wood, thin metal and many other materials on your home. Many of these critters can carry harmful diseases and they can be spread many ways. If you suspect you have a critter problem you should call us immediately for an inspection of your home. If the problem is caught soon enough we can rid your home of wildlife before it sustains serious damage.

With the fast growing rate of homes and business construction in metro Atlanta most native wildlife species are struggling to find suitable living space as acres and acres of suitable habitat is cleared. In combination with a lack or native predators, the rodent population has exploded, which translates into more animals on less land. A lot of these species have come to realize that the attic in your home provides a better suited living environment than anything found in nature. The insulation in your attic makes a perfect nesting material and the enclosed attic provides a safety net keeping these critters out of danger from most of the remaining predators. All of these factors contribute to a much faster growing population and seriousness of critter infestations in homes.

Our technicians are trained to identify the animal, find the access points, and explain clearly the steps needed to resolve the problem and clean up any damage.


Membership in NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association)

Membership in Georgia's Trapping Association

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Licensed by Georgia Dept of Natural Resources/Wildlife Division